RWBY Episode 38 (S3, EP8) Impressions

I haven’t posted anything in the new year yet and the first thing I actually do is RWBY? Oh what a cruel and twisted world we live in.

To be honest, I’m in a bit of a rut right now. This blog is nearly nine years old. Nine!! So this has happened before but this time may be the final nail in the coffin. I just don’t have the drive or determination to continue this any more. There’s lots of stuff I’d like to write and go in depth about but I simply can’t. When I start trying to write anything, I just lose all motivation. Even when I’m excited all day to come home and write it!

So I’m giving myself until March 7th to try and find my determination. If I can’t well then I guess that’s that. Well, whatever. On with this attempt to try and accomplish something.

I recently caught up with RWBY after watching the first two episodes and dropping it like a rock. I didn’t watch anything last season so that probably had a lot to do with that.

Plus the idea of a tournament arc is just sooo booooring.

I wasn’t wrong about that anyways. Luckily, however, the tournament stuff is pretty minimal. There’s a bunch of fights but there’s also a lot of focus on the plan of the bad guys being set into motion. There’s even a whole episode dedicated to why Mercury and Emerald work for Cinder.

Actually as far as henchmen loyalty backstories go, this was pretty weak. She didn’t do anything to win them over. They just kind of start going along with her stuff. If I had high expectations, I would even expect them to be swayed to the good side because there’s so little reason for them to be loyal to Cinder outside of duty and payment or whatever.

But okay. We’ll talk talk more about these idiot villains for a second.

I’m glad that Cinder discovering the truth about Penny wasn’t an attempt to manipulate Penny and make her evil as I originally expected. The fight between her and Pyrrha is exciting because I’m SURE that they don’t have the guts to go through with it but there were a few death flags for Pyrrha in this episode.

Penny hasn’t been around much so killing her wouldn’t have the same impact as Pyrrha who has been there since the very beginning and has constantly had a big role as a side character.

Really, I don’t think they have the guts to go through with either unfortunately. It’s not that kind of show and I don’t think the writers (much as I love the people themselves) could handle that. Still, I’m sure there will be a mjaor blowout from the fight and someone won’t be walking away quite the same.

Okay so Emerald and Mercury. Now unless Emerald is using her power to trick Ruby into thinking Mercury is there (first by tricking her into thinking that Emerald was sitting across the stadium??), why is Mercury there? Cinder told him to stay put because if someone found out about him then everything would be ruined.

But as far as we the viewers know, there hasn’t been a very big passing of time between when Mercurald framed Yang and this tournament. So why is he here now at this EXTREMELY CROWDED VENUE? Is their plan over that soon? Why bother getting RWBY disqualified if you’re going to reveal yourself like two days later? Though I assume

I don’t think it’s Emerald pretending to be Mercury because he speaks to Ruby and the Emerald that she saw was (regrettably) not my darling Neo. Neither appears to be. Christ, Neo showing up would have made more sense than Mercury.

Even if he didn’t intend to run into Ruby there, now her suspicions are going to be 100% confirmed. Like, they must have been aware that Yang would tell them and as Velvet proves, they haven’t been as careful as they could have been with this power. And what if he’s facing her now and she DIDN’T have any preconceived worries? Was his intent just to fight her because she’s there?

Though I appreciate that Ruby is started piecing things together pretty quickly. I would have thought that, with this information she got from Velvet and seeing Emerald, that she would doubt her “friends”, the obvious asshole trio, and reflect for awhile but instead she’s immediately given proof that these guys are shady af and two of her friends are going to fight and one of them is going to get majorly messed up.

Everything they do is confusing. Why bother mentioning that Mercury has to lay low if he’s just going to do stuff a day or two later? Why bother getting RWBY disqualified if Cinder can just manipulate the tournament match-ups as she pleases? She could have just set Pyrrha and Penny up to fight without messing with Yang at all.

What a mess. But a very entertaining mess. At least for this episode.

What’s not entertaining though? Nora and this’s shows constant mucky attempts at humor. Easily one of the worst things about this show (besides, you know, having a mostly white cast and still using the magic racism plot a la Harry Potter) is it’s attempts at anime humor. Nora is terrible for that and her scene really dragged. Ren’s fine (his apron did make me chuckle, okay) but they go hand in hand.


Another awful part? Blake “but let’s make this about ME” Belladonna. Blake is easily the worst character out of the RWBY group and one of the least interesting over all.

Her reasons are dumb and bad and I’m seriously not looking forward to whenever Adam shows up. They can fuck off and be dumb and bad forever.

It was pretty sad to see Yang start crying when Blake didn’t immediately trust her (I don’t know if I’m even pro-Bumblebee anymore because Yang can do so much better clearly) and was surprising for her character. Her voice actress, Barbara Dunkelman, really nailed this episode (especially when she tears up and asks Blake in complete disbelief). It was a surprise. As a peppy and upbeat voice actress, she’s fantastic. Nice to see she has such range.

Though I am worried that Yang will take off in search of her mother or something. It might be good for Yang’s character development to go find and address her mother (especially if things at Beacon start going to hell even more than they already are) but I want to see her overcome this without that happening.

Well, I’m looking forward to the new episode probably disappointing me tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll keep up with it’s villains doing interesting (but kind of dumb) things and it’s drama with Yang, Pyrrha and now Penny in top form. Don’t throw away the goodwill you built up with this episode, show.

Oh and maybe some more Neo, please?

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