Do You Need To Watch Psycho-Pass 2 Before the Movie? And also: Impressions of Psycho-Pass the Movie

I’m going to give you the shortest possible answer: no.
Absolutely not. God no. Nobody should watch Psycho-Pass 2.

Psycho-Pass 2 and clouded my hue judgement of the show so badly that I thought all of Psycho-Pass was dumb and bad. But you know what? Upon my third watch of the first season, I realized it’s one of my favourite anime and I actually love it. I could easily go for a fourth viewing in a few months or hell even in a few weeks. I, uh, just won’t watch S2 again. Twice was enough. Never again, thanks.

If you want to skip what is quite possibly the worst sequel to anything ever (and really, who could blame you?) but still kind of want to know what happens, highlight below for the major events that happen in 2. But I assure you, other than a new face or two popping up, none of this is too terribly important to the movie.

  • Shimotsuki, the girl who survived the Rikako case in S1 and appears at the end as a new inspector, is Akane’s partner that serves as a foil to Akane’s unwilling acceptance of the Sibyl System. Akane resists and fights in her own way, by serving but not without stopping to question or to try and dish out her own justice. Not Shimotsuki though. Shimotsuki absolutely follows the rule book to a tee and HATES Akane doing things her own way. She also finds out about Sibyl and does not take it very well (her role is to show reflect how society might accept Sibyl because they sure as heck won’t be like Akane) but eventually becomes another tool for Sibyl. She’s also unflinghingly a huge bitch and seriously does anybody fucking like Shimotsuki? Like god, you were supposed to be Akane’s cool new partner not awful in every sense of the word. Goddamn. Even if you just watch the movie, she’s still an awful person in that so you’ll get The Full Shimotsuki Experience regardless.
  • There are three new enforcers. One doesn’t show up in the movie because he was clearly a vampire super evil and was actually a child of one of the brains in Sibyl. They tried to make an symptomatic person (like Makishima) and guess what they made the most evil puppy killing machine ever (he’s some how even less nuanced as the villain is in Erased after the revea,). Has dumb hair. He dies. Easily worst part of S2, imo. 
  • Other new inspector, Hinakawa, is a cutie-pie who is shy and good at holos. He doesn’t do much in the movie though. Other is Sugo who does some stuff and accidentally kills an inspector and whatever. He also doesn’t do much in the movie.
  • Bad guy in S2 is a guy named Kamui Kirito who MIGHT have been interesting if he didn’t have to compete with Douchey McVampire and they had an additional 12 episodes. As much as I hate Makishima, at least he had good schemes. Kirito kind of just does things the directors thought would be cool and then justify later. He gets some people blown up (there’s a new Dominator gun in S2 but just a new mode in the movie) and does Bad Gatchaman Crowds. He isn’t mentioned at all in the movie if I remember correctly.
  • Akane’s grandma dies and evil vampire conviently forgets that the best scene of s1 was Akane watching someone she loved die already. He isn’t good at having motivations for killing people (much like the writers for S2, heyooo) and I blame it on the puppies.
  • Even though he shows up repeatedly in the opening (I seriously wrote two posts analysing the opening alright) , Kogami isn’t in S2 other than hallucinations had by Akane in times of crisis. Akane doesn’t smoke but she lights cigarettes so that she can have the scent of him with her and that’s hella adorable though.


Akane needs to mess this face up

So there you go. No need to watch S2. There’s one good scene. Here, I’ll even link it for you. It’s the ear scene. Something called the ear scene is the best part of Psycho-Pass 2. Don’t waste your time on this season.

NOW my thoughts on the movie itself. If you’ve gotten this far and you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading so you can go enjoy it in all of it’s beautiful glory.

pictured: the funniest scene in this entire franchise

Psycho-Pass: The Movie Impressions

Maybe it’s just because Psycho-Pass 2 was so bad that this seemed  so good but damn, what a good Psycho-Pass movie.

One question I always had about this universe but was very rarely brought up was: what is the outside world like? Why not just leave Japan if only Japan is ruled by the Sibyl System? Gu-sung Choe only mentions he’s from another country and illegal aliens have some small role in S2 (see aforementioned ear scene) but nothing is mentioned about other countries.

Turns out other countries just suck. “Well,” I thought, “Surely this is just a glimpse at a certain part of Asia. What about the rest of the world? We can’t be certain, can we?” But nope, Kogami even covers that by stating he did travel far and wide and everything sucks forever.

So Sibyl brings a life of stability and, you know, not war and awfulness. Except for all the awfulness it does repeatedly cause. So the movie poses an interesting moral dilemma. Is it better to live freely and in danger or lived trapped and controlled but with peace and security?

We already know how awful Sibyl is so, you know, it’s the first probably. But Akane managed to inspire change just a little bit. What if people decide they want Sibyl? And what if, this time, Sibyl is fair? These people would have no one to blame but themselves, right? The people on the inside who live with the Sibyl System in place (especially with latent criminals mixed in) aren’t going to be enough to decide their countries fate, after all.

Anyways, all that good junk aside, Kogami returns! I wasn’t excited initially (especially because it was dubbed when it played in theatres and no Tomozaku Seki Kogami just blows) but what a good reunion that was. No unnecassary drama, just badasses being badasses. Especially Akane though. Akane is always the biggest badass.

Plus, rewatching the show again I realized Kogami does have his good moments. His obsession with Makishima is just so boring though. I was surprised when Makishima appears as a hallucination of Kogami’s that it was actually decent and not groan worthy as I had anticipated.

Kogami "Tight Shirt" Shinya

also Kogami wears the tightest shirt humanly possible

If you’re disgusting shipper trash like me though you are DEFINITELY in luck. I’d HARDLY call anything subtext when the movie goes out of it’s way to show us a scene about Akane’s friend talking about how happy she is to get married and that the Sibyl system paired her up with the right man for her and all that junk.

I half expected Akane to try it out for herself and some how find that, wow guess who was her Sibyl-ordained match all along. But alas, Psycho-Pass in not that kind of series. But damn, you’ll sure get your fix. Trust me on this. I’m one of the hugest shipper trash lords around 1.

Since is mostly Akane and Kogami so we don’t see much of Ginoza and his ponytail that I can’t determine is attractive or not. He does get a real good scene at the end though 2 that really made me regret how little he showed up.

It is great when The Whole Gang finally does show up though Shimotsuki ruins it by being Shimotsuki. To be honest, as awful as it sounds, I was really wishing a stray bullet would have got her or Akane would have straight up punched her. I would have cheered in the theare for either thing.

As I was watching, I wondered why couldn’t this have been S2 or even an S3. When I started thinking these things (because the setting and idea is just SO interesting), I became sure I wouldn’t enjoy this movie very much as a result. How could something that would work better and probably greatly as a whole season be a good movie too? But you know what, it worked. The mercenaries were cool and more time to flesh them out would have been nice but hey, I’m happy with what we got.

Mostly, I’m just happy it wasn’t anything like S2 at all.





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