Spring 2016 Final Impressions Lost Village, My Hero Academia, Anne Happy, Kiznaiver, Luluco

Blogging about anime is hard and I don’t even like doing it any more. Wow though. It really has been a long time since I did a post like this.

Lost Village/Mayoiga

I don’t actually have anything to say about Wanko, this screenshot just makes me laugh.

I know Mayoiga was anitwitter’s darling but here’s my hot take: something intentionally bad is still bad. A campy ode to cult b-classics it may be but if it were a western movie made the same way I’d still think it was bad. That isn’t to say Lost village wasn’t entertaining. God no. It was a riot from start to finish. But partly because it was just… not good. I don’t know. I just don’t think I’m the right person to appreciate it. It good be as goofy as it wanted but I just expected more pay off in the end.

I did appreciate girl power trio of Maimai, Lion and Nanko. Nanko was the best. We didn’t need to see her tragic backstory because she was just such a stone cold badass that it just didn’t matter. I didn’t like Lion at first because I though she was another Flamie Speeddraw (who is the actual worst if you don’t recall) and this was going to be an awful love triangle but that wasn’t her role at all. She was cat hoodied Watson to Nanko’s pudge-squeezing Holmes. Maimai being there for that was just an added bonus.

Too bad Lion stayed behind (her, Nanko and Maimai hugging was the only scene with any proper emotion in it at all) because I’d buy every Lost Village BD twice if it meant we could have a spinoff about them being cool detectives. Maimai can be there too. 

God, crowdfund that instead please.

My Hero Academia

I never intended to watch this. I only did because someone whose opinion I respect very much swore up and down on it. Imagine my surprise when both the first episode caused me to tear up and the second caused me to cry outright. Causing me to cry and swaying my fragile heart is the easiest way into it, frankly.

I was sold on the show, and series, from episode one. It became my go-to show that I looked forward to every week and would not dare go with missing. I love the characters, the art style and oh my gosh, the music.

also: me too

Yuki Hayashi flashed on my radar last year with Death Parade (and Classroom Crisis though I didn’t realize that was a good soundtrack until much later) but this year I think he’s posed to become my second favoruite composer (because I doubt anybody will ever top Taku Iwasaki in my eyes).

There are areas he needs to improve on (vocals weren’t an issue in this show but they were in others) but in this show he shined. I think I only got so emotional because of his fantastic score just ramping scenes up from 100 to 150%. I think for a composer to be great, they need to adapt their style to fit the show and every soundtrack I’ve heard from him has been just that (and I can’t say the same for a certain other popular composer).

I hate how much I love this piece of shit kid

Anyways, gushing about Yuki Hayashi aside: I’m SO glad My Hero Academia is getting another season. I imagine it was probably greenlit before the show had terrible ratings but hey, whatever.

As soon as season two ends I’ll read the manga. I already wanted to but now I don’t want to spoil myself because reading it just doesn’t compare to how much joy the anime brought me.


I dropped this after I heard about the ending. I had always had problems with the creepy tone of it. “Well, they live in a rural and remote village so its only natural they’ll have some outdated views and actions”, I thought in an attempt to justify everything that happened over and over. But to outright undo everything Machi tried to do and achieve? To get rid of her character development and growth like that? Yeah, I’m not going to stick around for a couple of good gags just to be disappointed like that.


Kiznaiver is bad and Mari Okada is bad. Knowing the latter didn’t give me high expectations for this show from the beginning but I had hoped, secretly, that I might be wrong. I wasn’t. Hamfisted melodrama and shitty teenagers make for a show I absolutely despise.

Maybe it just happens that Mari Okada’s stupid melodramatic romances occur at times in my life that just don’t work. I hated Anohana (despite watching the whole thing) because I watched it as it aired in 2011 and at that time I had just graduated but was homeless along side my cat. I recall watching it on the couch I would sleep on for the next while and thinking how dumb their problems seemed. Anyways, Kiznaiver initially lined up with me being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition that will, unfortunately, affect me my whole life. There were many times where I thought “I don’t want to watch this show about pain” because, well, I was in excruciating pain at the time and worst of all, no matter how much I thought about it, as cool as an idea as the system was, there is no way for me to share my pain.

I’ll admit the idea was cool (even if the execution sucked) and I’ll likely daydream about the possibility for the rest of my life. If I could choose to share my pain with others, would I? Spread among a number of people, it wouldn’t be anywhere as bad as it was to me. But at the same time, I could not imagine that doing that even if that pain was less than my own because surely those people would come to hate me if they knew what it was like. So Kiznaiver did at least plant an idea to think about and daydream about, even if the rest of the show was awful.

Maki was my favourite character and I felt they really messed up with her. That was where things really, really went wrong in my eyes. I won’t begin to try and explain everything wrong with her arc because Day has done such a good job of it already. Please read her essay instead. It summarizes everything I felt was wrong and gross about the handling of Maki and her arc.

I will say I did enjoy the last episode. The penultimate episode just drove home how badly written this show is by repeating the message over and over rather than showing it. “Your bonds are important” the show says, rather than actually showing us their bonds and how it’s changed them. The only real exception to this would be the scene with Hisomu and Katsuhira. Other than that though the whole episode is just repeating the same thing over and over and over.

The final episode being about Katsuhira and Sonozaki was nice though and I feel like one of the few people who did enjoy their relationship. Well, Sonozaki’s part felt rushed and her entire arc as the last bit of story made the meandering antics of the first part of the series feel so pointless. I feel like this show would have been so much better without all the romance and triangle drama. If it had just been about them becoming friends and achieving a bond without relying on romance, I think that would have been a lot more compelling.

But nope. I did like their relationship in the end and I was happy dumb Chidori (listing all the reasons why I dislike her would need a different post) didn’t end up with him. Still a bad show though. Wouldn’t recommend. Just watch the amazingly fantastic opening and be done with it.

Space Patrol Luluco

If Kiznaiver wasn’t any indication, I haven’t had much luck with Trigger shows. I don’t think Kill la Kill is very good and their shorts are generally too off the wall for me to really enjoy. Luluco was kind of the same at first. Aside from seeing Teddyloid and Bonjour Suzuki’s fantastic ending, I didn’t really look forward to watching this. It’s gags got old quickly.

But each “season” brought something new to the table. I thought the crossover/cameo season was a bit self-indulgent but that was before the end reveal this is basically the origin story of their mascot. The final season was definitely best though. Luluco falling into despair, talking to Inferno Cop and then confessing properly to and winning over Nova? Loved it all.

You know what else I love? Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It is hands down my favourite anime. I can’t list the rest of my favourite anime in any specific order but I know that TTGL is my number one ultimate all time favourite. And the last season of Luluco felt so much like it. The over the top nature of the final fight, and the whole thing about Nova coming to his senses to fight alongside Luluco only for it to be too late for him and him turning into space dust just like my precious Nia? Yeah, that got me real good.

The final fight where he asks her to use him and then disappears, telling her to come find him and that they’ll meet again had me actually tear up. I didn’t expect a series full of eight minute long episodes to get me like that but it was actually well done. Heck, just looking at the screenshots I had amazed me with how much emotion was packed in to that final shot scene. Impeccably done.

Having Luluco reject being a normal girl (the thing she’s been trying to do since the first episode) to become the most atypical girl (Trigger-chan) also felt really satisfying. That’s what it was. Satisfying.

Even though it ended on a bittersweet note, Luluco was satisfying. I’d love to see them return to this series in a  few years after they’ve got some more worlds for her to visit. It was fun (even if I wasn’t completely engaged at first) and everybody was just so likable that I hope to see them again.

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