Iron Attack feat. Absolute Area – DEVIL’S DAUGHTER

Normally, this isn’t my type of music. Not at all. But when I heard there was a Kawada Mami cover (whom, if you recall, I love) than I just had to give tihs a whirl.

  1. Devil’s Daughter
    The title song. So you must expect it to be good. Well, for someone like myself who doesn’t care for heavy guitar tracks (which this is entirely) I just love this song. Maybe I’m just easily impressed. I don’t listen to enough metal or hard rock (could you describe IRON ATTACK/IRON-CHINO as such?) but this song was awesome and trippy. It set me up with great expectations.
  2. Opera Fantasia
    Haha, I only think this is what this song actually is. When I search it I come up with momo-i and Prism Ark and a comparison seems vaguely right. Well, even though I watched Prism Ark I never watched the ed. I didn’t like it. I didn’t care for it at all (although Precia and Sister Hell were quite ravishing) so I’m glad I couldn’t tell if this were actually that song or an original. It was okay but nowhere as awesome as track one.
  3. Joint
    This is the singular reason why I downloaded this. I love Mami Kawada, I’ve already stated. And oh hell was it worth it. The guitar as the backround are already awesome and have won me over before the singers (?) start in. I kind of  wish they had left vocals out because the vocalist cannot, under any circumstance, compare to my god Mami. But they aren’t Code Speed bad vocals. I mean the CS version of Joint? Can you say ugh? Vocals are no, this is just awesome.
  4. Eternal Blaze
    I was estatic to see this on here. Out of all the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha theme songs in the series this was the best. No doubt. I even like CS’s version of it. It’s pretty hard to mess up, really. That being said this song is nowhere as awesome as Joint. The guitars, once again, have won me over. The vocals are a little better too. They don’t sound like Nana Mizuki’s signature sound but that’s good because I’m growing weary of her.
  5. Magi-cu!
    I have no idea where this is from. No doubt I wouldn’t like the original though (although I probably wouldn’t be able to tell it from the original comparing it to track 2 and 4). It sounds famillar. Like an eroge op so who normally does those types of songs…? Well there are very cutesy vocals in this that are of sharp contrast against the guitars. Can’t sya I care for it much.
  6. Princess Rose
    Originally from Tamura Yukari. After comparing the two, I should have been able to tell the two. I like this one more than Magi-cu because the Tamura imposer sounds good against the guitar. So unlike track 5.
  7. RINKA
    Ah fuck. I looked up the title of this song and it’s from an anime called Lime Iro Senkitan have you heard of it? The op looks awesome. But I hear it’s comedy based but if it isn’t slice-of-life I don’t have a problem checking it out (Innerself: aren’t you supposed to be watching Kannagi, Index, Soul Eater, Toradora and Tales?) Anyway, on the song. The guitars mostly lead it and we’re back to Devil’s Daugther esque awesome. Nuff said.
  8. Kujibiki Unbalance
    The one thing I remember hearing about this song is how much the vocalist reminded me of YURIA. I went through this phase where I adored YURIA (Screw you guys, Remember Memories is awesome) and it kinda sounded like her. The original artists were UNDER17 and I only ever remember from them is the DearS tracks. So I think this Yuria sounding vocalist is better. Unfortunatly, the bgm, is very very lame compared to the hardcore awesome of the other tracks. I still like it despite it’s bgm lacking. Just doesn’t make it on to my top picks.

Fang’s Rating: 8/10 (A few lackluster tracks but some really amazing ones. Without those tracks this would be a 5/10)


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