To Aru Majutsu no Index OP Single Download

If you’ve visited Loli Salad for awhile you might know two things. When an anime I’m following, never blogging (Fang…? Blogging a series…? MADNESS) has it’s op or ed single released I’ll sometimes post the single or the full song itself. Secondly, I love Kawada Mami. Her doing the op (and Totali saying it sounded Shana-esque) were the only reasons I watched Index. I really like it actually. Same with Toradora (I hate tsundere so this surprises me). Personally I feel fall 2008 is so far one of the best anime seasons in awhile, especially against such a terrible 2008 season. But still, it can be Umineko tiem yet?

Kawada Mami – PSI-Missing (Full)

(Am I the only one who thinks that the second track sounds like a Kawada-sama cover and remix of Rimless? Am I the only one who gets those vibes?)


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