Soul Eater OP2 Download + Ga-Rei Zero OP

Spotted these on TT and I nearly flipped. After finally catching up on Soul Eater I heard Paper Moon finally. I, unlike apparently so many others, did not like Pray so I was worried this single was going to suck. Well, it’s way lamer than Resonance. Nothing could be better than that. But still it’s pretty cool I guess- HOLYCRAP. I hadn’t actually seen the op yet. NO SIR. NO SIR. I just took a peek over it and holy awesome batman. Maybe I just grew used to Resonance because it was very powerful when I first watched it. The hint of Maka x Soul was enough to keep me going. I may hate shounen anime but I LOVE shounen + romance anime. So when I saw this, I nearly died. Not even the end where Soul is holding Maka in a ‘noooooo’ moment. No, the whole bloody thing is awesome. You could have put this op first and it would have had the same effect (not audibly of course). It was pretty darned badass from start to finish. Mifune looks awesome, Maka dramu looks awesome, Soul back with the imp and freaking out REALLY AWESOME, Marie looks great as usual (you looked kinda cool yourself, Law), Stein looks batshit insane, Maka fighting with Kid and Black Star (who I proudly am a fan now after he went to try and get revenge for Maka) was awesome, SERIOUS TIEM Tsubaki + twins was SERIOUS, Generic new characters are generic, Maka and Soul being pulled apart made me die of fangasm, loli Medusa (I don’t even have to add anything. Loli Medusa should be enough), Metaphorical mirror cracking with Shinigami and Scythe was pretty cool, Emo Chrona (also should be enough), and Fang’s biggest fangasm at 1:18ish.

So allow me to speculate, as I have never read the manga. Some bad shit is about to go down, right? That’s why we needed an op full of awesome dramu? Kay, I’m with you so far. Then something bad is gonna happen to Maka. That’s why everyone is sad. And the Kishin is involved because of those eyes beneath them, right? That’s pretty obvious. Well. If it makes some Soul x Maka happen then I can only be excited.

I got off topic when I saw the video so I’ll get on with what this post was originally about.

Soul Eater OP2 – Tommy Heavenly6 – Paper Moon (full)

Ga-Rei (-Zero-) OP – Minori Chihara – Paradise Lost (full)

and for those who didn’t watch/don’t know about Ga-Rei -Zero- then I’ll introduce you:


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