Mottainai Akihabara Flea Market Fang-tan's Japan Trip 2016: part three

The last Sunday before we went home, I decided to go to Akihabara alone to try and scope out some Itasha one last time. We had dinner plans in Shibuya at 6 so I didn’t expect to see many since primo-Itasha time seemed to be a little later on in the evening but luckily I did see a few.

In my bid to kill time I stumbled across this interesting little event. On the side of UDX was a flea market! It’s a shame that I was completely and desperately broke by this point because there was definitely some stuff I wanted to buy!

A flea market in Akihabara is just as nerdy as you’d expect too. There were normal things like clothes, jewelry, crafts and antiques being sold but it was the anime goods I was drawn to. Honestly though if I had more money I would been drawn to those other things too because it was just super interesting and handmade stuff would have made for cool souvenirs.

For anime stuff it did look like some of the vendors were just shops that I had passed by while exploring Akihabara because I either recognized the wares with those prices or they still had noticeable price tags on them.

Still there were independents selling random and rare stuff that I’m still kicking myself over being too broke to buy. I found it most interesting when the vendor seemed to have one specific type of good. For example, one that had tons of Gundam trading figures, another mostly just had clear files and another mostly had Touhou stuff.

If you’re in Akihabara you can check out the website for the event to see when the next one will be held. I was surprised to learn it wasn’t just a summer thing. I was surprised again that it’s still held in the winter! Regardless, it only happens on Sundays and the occasional Saturday, it seems.




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