Aniblogger Secret Santa 2016: YuruYuri

Secret Santa, you’re not the first person to try and get me to watch Cowboy Bebop or FLCL and you won’t be the last. Maybe I should just add those to my list as stalled or dropped so that people don’t rec me them any more.

So I went with YuruYuri despite knowing very well that I probably wouldn’t like YuruYuri. In fact, it’s often been a belief of mine that the vast majority of people who enjoy YRYR are straight men. I’ve never seen a gay woman be super into it or even a little bit into it. That isn’t to rule out that they exist. Just something I thought interesting due to the content of the show.

I’ll admit I did not finish YuruYuri because I simply did not find it entertaining enough. Sorry Secret Santa but I did my best.

There were some solid jokes but it’s inoffensive, 4koma-ish gags are simply not the kind of thing I find funny. The characters also did nothing for me. I’ve always found Kyouko obnoxious from what I’ve seen of her and that didn’t change. Akari is charming enough and Chinatsu and Yui are alright.

The yuri aspect isn’t as “gay 4 laffs” as I expected but the whole “Chinatsu likes Yui who likes Kyouko who likes Chinatsu” thing is pretty annoying. It’s also a lot more endearing because these characters are so dumb and simple that I can imagine they would just stay and end up together as time went on. I don’t have to worry about them following social constructs and ending up with men. That may be overthinking it for a show like this but when so many anime tease romantic relationships between girls but leave them open-ended as to not alienate the male fans, I need to take whatever I can get.

I could never get past the first episode of Sakura Trick because they make a comment about it just being a thing they do in high school that always grossed me out. YRYR was at least not gross.

But yeah, not a show for me. I tried and I can see why it does have some pretty dedicated fans but it’s absolutely not a show I find funny or would watch more of.



  • matty

    December 29, 2016

    Yeah, probably updating your MAL would have helped navigate me towards something more to your liking – or at least used the “back up” series I had in mind before I noticed Bebop and FLCL weren’t listed. Welp! Que sera sera!

    I’ll just them here and if you have the time to check them out then feel free to do so to make up for my disappointing rec:
    4. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – You seem to like fantasy settings. This
    is one is a little more grounded in an intense way, but also good. (On
    Crunchyroll, Hulu)
    5. Osomatsu-san – Very funny with moments that are just as touching.
    Has a close feeling to Nichijou with a pinch of absurdity. (On

    Merry Christmas!

  • Fang-tan

    January 18, 2017

    I really appreciate the effort you went into choosing my selections at least! I’ve had recs where they clearly didn’t take my tastes into account at all. I probably would have tried Grimgar because I had seen one episode and couldn’t stand one character so I never continued. I’ve also seen the first forbidden episode of Osomatsu-san and the sad Jyuushi episode so I guess I really could have gone with either of those shows!

    Seriously though, thanks for the effort. Sorry I was such a lousy person to get this year. ;(

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