Saki Zenkoku-hen – Kiyosumi & Himematsu Tape 咲-Saki-全国編 清澄高校&姫松高校 マスキングテープ

I took these pictures hastily when I first opened these in November and I have been meaning about writing about them since then. I think if I am able to stick with this, my latest endeavor to save this blog from it’s slow decline into nothingness, then pictures going forward will be much better.

I love stationary. I love hoarding notebooks and pens and stickers and most recently, tape! I love washi tape and fancy masking tape. Combining anime chara goods and stationary is just the rightest thing in the world.

So, with that said: let’s look at this cute Saki tape I bought before.

I bought these from AmiAmi for 920 yen before shipping. They were originally released in 2014 so I was surprised to see them in stock and bought them immediately. I bought the last one because it immediately went into back-order. Sorry guys. They also had Eisui and Miyamori tape that was already on back-order but I much prefer Kiyosumi and Himematsu especially because Eisui is, like, the most boring team even with Hayamin.

Anyways, it came as a two pack so two tape rolls for 920 yen is pretty sweet if you ask me. Especially because the roll is much bigger than my biggest roll of washi tape (see below).

Though Amiami lists it under their brand, the tape itself is made by Kamoi Kakoshi which is a name I recognized before buying this because making good tape is their whole business (like I mean they make tape for everything from putting cute girls on stuff to catching rodents). Knowing this adds to the value, in my opinion.

Hopefully these will be stocked again so you all might get a chance at them but since they’re on back-order and originally listed from 2014, I doubt it. They’re also sold out on, unfortunately.

Fang’s Satisfaction: 5/5

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