Haikei-Goodbye-Sayonara Ten Years After, how will I be ten years later?

Gundam 08th  MS Team – 10 Years After

I don’t care about Gundam 08th but I’ve always liked that song. Considering I hadn’t heard it for a long time until recently it seems apt to make it a theme of the last post on Loli Salad. Haikei-Goodbye-Sayonara is just my second favourite song ever, nothing special about including that either.

This isn’t really a surprise since I’ve managed a handful of posts this year and I’ve known this was coming since the 8th and 9th years. I wanted to wait until Loli Salads 10th birthday though. It just seems more impressive that way.

Thank you to my readers over the years. In particular, the people I considered aquaintences but have now moved on with their lives leaving aniblogging and anitwitter behind. I hope y’all are doing all right in the world. I’m thankful to every reader and commenter though.

Also, the community that sometimes, somehow raised me as a go to source on Exit Trance’s SATB series. That truly was my legacy, even to the point where the person who would become my best friend and then boyfriend would read my reviews before we ever even met.

Thank you to Aniblogger.net, to Maestro and Akai.

Anohana – Secret Base ~ Ten Years After ver.
…I don’t even like Anohana

I’m not a teenager anymore and I’m not even a little bit like the person I was for most of this blog’s life. I outgrew a lot of things about it. The name, for one. I find people who use the term loli to be incredibly cringeworthy and yet here I am with this. Despite that, I didn’t ever have the nerve to change the name. Huh.

Besides the fact that I also don’t have the time and drive for blogging anymore, a more technical and stupid reason is that Loli Salad hasn’t been what I wanted it to be for awhile. Both design and content wise.

In the case of the former, there were limitations in various layouts I tried for the site that were annoying and time consuming to deal with. So with the site not looking like I wanted, I grew frustrated and lost any motivation I had when I did pop into the site.

The latter could have been fixed by writing more but again: no time, no focus.

What I am focused on and like to do these days with my free time can be found on Kirigen.

Kirigen isn’t going anywhere. Until I outgrow that too, anyways. Right now making stupid character sorters is so relaxing and mindless that I don’t foresee myself getting bored soon.

I’ll work out some way for people to contact me regarding problems with the Kancolle sorter (the only one anyone cares about, haha) but in the mean time if there’s an issue, @ me on twitter because I won’t be checking this site anymore.

I may blog again but it won’t be on Loli Salad. I always get the itch but never follow through. My next blogging attempt probably won’t be for awhile (unless I really need to vent about how bad Classroom of the Elite is) and will be a lot more casual than even this was.

Visit Kirigen and play with my creations. You can still follow me on Twitter too!

Thanks for ten years!

(p.s don’t forget the whole Exit Trance discography including Speed Anime Trance Best is all available legally on Spotify!)

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Souls – Haikei-Goodbye-Sayonara

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  • pspost

    December 3, 2018

    Oh god.. I though this blog will last forever.
    Anyway thank you for Anime Speed Trance reviews and stuff! It was pleasure to read your thoughts and those discussions in comments. Don’t forget CAMRY))

    Wish you good luck.

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