Upcoming Exit Trance Albums

Ah, when did it come to me blogging over such things? Well, forget that. There are two upcoming Exit Trance albums that might be relevant to the interests of some people here (in case you didn’t know, I’m ET’s bitch). One is the niconico-inspired album UmaUma 3 I’m currently ‘aquiring’ UmaUma 2 which features some kickass songs like Kurutto·Mawatte·Ikkaiten, Uninstall, Kaidoku Funou, Hanamaru Sensation, Kanashimi no Mukou he and (the reason I wanted it so bad in the first place:) Caipirinha! See, doesn’t that sound woooonderful? Well, I won’t write a review on said album. Maybe I’ll try something new and just upload some of the tracks to youtube and give a brief summary. Unless anything else pops my interest (nanodesu) I probably wouldn’t mention them.

But ahaha back to the upcoming music~ a new Exit Trance’s Code Speed (I’m just going to keep calling it Code Speed Trancedespite the fact that it should be just Speed Trance now, so screw you guys) was released today. Some of the tracks include: Strike Witches ~Watashi ni Dekiru Koto~ (and it’s Camry!! You know it’s going to be awesome), Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni, Northern Cross (O:!!). Crystal Energy, forever we can make it!, YOU’RE THE ONE, and a whole bunch of other tracks. I think the fourth installment was the best but maybe, just maybe this will top that. I’m especially looking forward to the NC remix.

On UmaUma 3, the initial tracklisting isn’t too impressive. I’m looking forward to the IDOLM@STER remixes, Nodame Cantabile (?), Love and Joy, Chocolate Disco, (another) Strike Witches and the signature Caramelldansen remix (however, it will be IOSYS~). Of course there are the mandatory Lucky Star and Haruhi remixes. But, as the case with UmaUma 2, several awesome songs were added and some were taken away. So you can expect a bigger tracklisting when the album is actually released. You can expect UmaUma 2 in January, 2009.

Also, I found this and nearly died of another fangasm~ This is pretty much just Caipirinha remixes. Fuck. Yeah. It’s also released today but how long until it too is put out on torrents? Haaaaauuu auauauuu.

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