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Wherein I Gush: Phoenix Comics

Well, the price gap didn’t go away. Which sucks.But you know what hasn’t changed (and is awesome)? My love for Phoenix Comics! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go browse this old post.

Phoenix Comics has two locations in Calgary (to the best of my knowledge). I’ve only ever been to the one along the trans-Canada highway so I can only gush about that one but it is a dream of mine to visit the other one (clearly my ambitions are not very high). It is as the title says, a comic store. I haven’t been in an actual comic store before so I can’t really compare that aspect of the store. I have, however been to many manga stores. Nothing I have ever seen (well, nothing carrying English manga atleast) compares to the basement of Phoenix Comics. But maybe that’s just based off what we have here. I mean it’s not like I’m a specialist on this thing. It is such a breathtaking sight, wall to wall manga, many (imo) hard to find. I mean I pretty much go to Vancouver every year and the stop in Calgary is one of (if not barely just) the highlight of my trip. Considering I make my whole family stop (and go wait at Tim Horton’s or whatever) just for me to run in and impossibly try to pick some stuff out. But I’ll stop gushing for now. I’ll try.

A few quick snapshots below. They don’t really do the place justice though. I mean I got the first volume of Aria for under $4.00!  $4.00!

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Exit Trance presents Code Speed Trance 6 – Info

I was just saying I didn’t know when 6 comes out but Dancemania EX already had info on it up! And excuse me for a second because I’m about to freak out but OMFGGG. PSI-Missing from To Aru Majutsu no Index (<3 satisfying my Mami and Index love), Motto*Hade ni ne from Kannagi, Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi from Gundam 00, Paradise Lost from Ga-Rei Zero and Pre-Parade from Toradora! Greatest song selection ever amirite? It doesn’t come out until the 18th of March. Gah. Will I be able to wait?! Five was really lame and it had some good songs in it. Ecstacy was superb so lets hope it continues from there. Honestly, my wishlist is so far complete. If they remixed any Soul Eater theme it would be completed. Or Hanaji. Yes, that sounds good too.

Kannagi Rage

Oh the lulz, I feel kinda bad for Nagi. Feeling bad for a fictional character? That’s no better than those on 2ch who freaked out over this. Hahaha. If you don’t know what happened then you can read about it here like I did.

Kannagi ep.1+2

I hate slice of life and comedy. Looking at a preview image for Kannagi I thought: slice-of-life. Upon hearing a description I thought: comedy. Both things I loathe in an anime. I do not wtach comedy or slice of life. I despise them. But I felt bad for this show after it got booted from one of it’s channels. So I decided to give it a shot…

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