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Grab Box (S Size for Boys) from Amiami

I still haven’t had the luck to get the 3000 yen grab box but maybe one day. I’m especially eager to get my paws on one because this was a “used” item grab box that was only 1300 yen. Of course because of one particular item shipping was 4000 yen for this bad boy so it ended up quite pricy.

Still, I would probably (once I have money again) get another one just because it was so fun and exciting. Plus I ended up with a few small things from my character specific collections. Seriously, a Precure and Saber figure I can believe because those things are common. But an Arcueid keychain? Come on, Amiami, you just wanted to spoil me.

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Bootleg Reimu Hakurei Nendoroid

There are many a guide describing the horrors of bootleg Nendoroids and how to avoid them but let’s have one more.

I already have a bootleg Haruhi nendo set and a bootleg Miku nendo because I was much younger when I got them and did not yet know about bootleg figures. I keep them for sentimental reasons since they were gifts and I’m a big sucker like that.

My latest acquisition, though, was made at AX this year. A few things should have tipped me off. While a legit nendoroid for $40 wasn’t unheard of, seeing a Touhou one was. I would have never bought it if I hadn’t thought the Jlist both was legit enough to not sell me a bootleg. Another thing that should have tipped me off was, again, the price. Not the average price of a nendoroid but the average price of anything from Jlist. Figures are always insanely expensive.

I suspected it a few hours later (after buying an actual, official Mayuri nendoroid) but didn’t confirm it until I actually got home. I left her in the box until now (so incensed was I) so I decided to take some pictures of her terribleness.

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