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Cross Ange Final Impressions

Cross Ange

Cross Ange is amazing. No, it’s not good. Don’t even think for a second that I think it’s good. If you sit there and think Cross Ange is a good show and not ridiculously stupid garbage, you’re probably a huge gross tool.

But Cross Ange is amazing. Once I started watching I couldn’t stop because, my lord, it’s just so stupid. It’s impossibly stupid. It’s so stupid that you can’t be mad at it for being stupid because you’re akncolwedging that it’s dumb and you continue and what do you get? You get constantly rewarded because the show just outdoes itself over and over and over and is just so consistently stupid and ridiculous that it’s amazing.

I can’t call it a trainwreck because it’s like the train was never on the tracks to begin with. They finished making the train and then someone activated this and the train just flew off into space.

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Akatsuki no Yona Second OP and ED

Akatsuki no Yona

Despite everything good airing this season, Akatsuki no Yona continues to be my favourite show. It’s a bit disheartening to realize they’re not going to get anywhere close to facing Su-won but apparently the manga isn’t even close to that point, from what I’ve heard.

Actually, I had never really looked at the studio before now. Being done by Pierrot does explain why it’s 2 cour, kind of. They seem a lot more focused on providing a quality show rather than a preview for the manga or light novel (as well as having done plenty of other shows directed at women that ended up with multiple seasons). Maybe Soredemo will even get a second season when it has more chapters then. Still, I’d much, much, much rather have more Yona than another season of Soredemo even though the desert arc is kind of interesting.

(That arc in Soredemo is interesting but if I recall correctly, ends up with more trite Bad Shoujo gimmicks like ‘oh she is so cool and strong and shit we love the rain I must have her so go to hell shota king’)

Alright, wildly off topic. I’m actually going to talk about what I had planned to originally. The new OP and ED.

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12 Days of Anime: #07 – Teenage Dream

I could have picked MANY things from Yona for it to make the list. The cute expressions every one makes, the moe bishounen (#NoHetero), how legit Hak/Yona is, and more, I’m sure. And Yona is going to be talked about lots in the coming weeks because it’s going to get it’s own final post because I love it so much and it’ll be in the year end AOTY post (oops spoilers). So I’m going to try and keep it brief and different (at least compared to the upcoming posts involving it).

Akatsuki no Yona makes me feel like a teenage girl. It makes me feel giddy and it makes me want to squeal. It’s cute and fun and it shipteases in just the right ways. It’s got eye candy from both pretty Yona and the hundred or so bishounen in. And if my last day’s post was any indication, I’m not even into guys so this show is so bizarre for me.

To be honest, I don’t even think I would have given this show a shot in high school. In early middle school I still liked the shows most 13 year old girls liked a few years back but I get really hipster about that stuff once grade eight rolled around. My girl friends would have loved this show to pieces and I would have rolled my eyes, never giving it a chance.

But obviously I’m an adult now and I know what I like, shame or no (as “something a younger me would like” is not always a compliment because I had awful taste as all teenagers do). Not that Yona is anything to be ashamed about. It’s a delight. It’s equal fun, romance and drama. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more. And for a shoujo, it sure lacks most gross shoujo tropes! Yona is, as hoped, coming into her own as a tough character and her development has been ACES.

It specifically makes this list for the way it makes me feel though. It was unexpected and I almost missed it but some how this show has become everything I’ve never known I’ve wanted. And makes me feel like the young girl I never was. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen often. Thanks, Yona.