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Bravely Default Final Impressions

I don’t normally post about games here. That’s because some of the games I play aren’t ones that would fit in here, or are 3DS ones like X/Y or New Leaf or EO4. Which are all fun and good but it’s hard for me to sum it up as much more than that.

But Bravely Default was different for me. I never thought I’d come to enjoy a SQEX JRPG, especially one so inspired by Final Fantasy. I fell in love with it and despite the bumps the game had along the way, I continued loving it right to the very end.

Unmarked spoilers of varying degree ahead.

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Wakfu Kickstarter Success


I couldn’t do a post about the kickstarter when it started because of personal reasons and because, well, AB was down a lot especially at the end of January. When the site was stable again and I had free time, it keept feeling weirder and weirder to post when there was week left, and then three days left and then 48 hours left, etc. So I feel a bit guilty!

But the kickstarter to fund an english dub was an overwhelming success. If I recall correctly, the initial goal of $80,000 was certainly funded within 48 hours, if not the first day. The end result? $483k. At the time of writing this, the number reflected on the kickstarter is a bit lower as expected when it’s actually time to pay and all.

I was disappointed I couldn’t donate more. I would have loved to, of course. But even at the Adamai tier ($75), it was pushing the limits of what I could afford and I’m sure I’ll regret it in a few weeks. Not in October when the finished product is set to arrive.

Originally it was supposed to be April but as stretch goals were met, the second season was added and within the last 48 hours of the Kickstarter, an additional brand new episode was funded. This is on top of the three new 45 minute episodes that will be included. I believe they’re too take the place of the movie announced a few years ago that ended up in development hell. From what I heard, the reason the movie wasn’t made and the reason season 3 isn’t a thing is kind of lack of funding? That the tv stations that aired it wasn’t happy with some of the content and wanted a more child friendly show, something the creators weren’t willing to budge on. If that’s the case, it might explain why Doofus was of  such a different tone.

But as the guys from Ankama state in the final update of the Kickstarter, this may lead the way for a third season. Showing the demand is overwhelmingly there. Though, as much as I want a third season I’m glad they did a kickstarter for the dub and for the blurays instead of a third season. The initial goal was low, under $100k so manageable. I think trying to reach $400k or however much would have been needed to fund another season might have been a really big feat. I know for a fact that there were those who pledged without ever having watched the series (though I’m sure they’ll love it!) and if the KS had been for another season? I kinda doubt that would happen

And the dub offers a new world of possibility. The voices of Eva and Tristepin sounded really fitting and kinda perfect. Which is waaaay different from the test dub released a few years ago. Tristepin sounded like a terrible canadian stereotype and it would have ruined a lot of his more serious scenes later on. If the dub is consistently of that quality, I’ll be beyond happy.

And if it gets released to Netflix, iTunes, Hulu or to TV itself (I could easily see this playing on Teletoon or YTV here in Canada) that could very well generate the extra revenue it needs for the S3 we so covet.

Wakfu is a show I love very, very dearly. I watched this Kickstarter with bated breath from start to finish and couldn’t be happier for Ankama. It’s months away but I’ll be waiting just as excitedly for the finished product and I’ll watched the show for the billionth time. So to anybody who happened to support the kickstarter, Ankama or the show, thank you.

Kyousougiga Final Impressions

My usual end of season post is delayed because I’m behind on everything and don’t have much time to catch up. But I will eventually. Kyousougiga was a show I started midseason and almost missed. Despite that, it’s the only one I finished on time. It was just that good.

I had watched the OVA way back when and though pretty, it was confusing and disorienting. With that in mind and the billion shows I had to watch this season, I didn’t give this a second glance. It wasn’t until I heard everyone raving about it that I gave the first episode a shot. Boy am I glad I did. It would have been a shame if I missed out on AOTY.

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Loli Salad’s Sixth Birthday…

… was two days ago.

I forgot! _(:3」∠)_
Well, I realized the anniversary was at the end of August but not quite the end of August and I didn’t realize that until, well, today actually. So… whoops! I was busy with ToX and before that SRIV and before that Salty Bet and during all of that, I was also working on a super-sneaky-top-secret project. But excuses, excuses. I’m about to talk about how much I love this stupid thing and I couldn’t even remember it’s birthday. Terrible.

I’ll go over the same spiel as usual. I’m really happy to have made it this far because a lot of times I thought I would call it quits. I mean, I know I rarely post but it’s because I rarely post that I felt this way. Still it’s been six years and we haven’t even broken 500 posts. Oh… well that might not be completely true. There were 500 posts but sometimes, looking back, things are so cringeworthy I just delete them without thinking. It’s older stuff (so now there’s no January 2008 posts) and I’m not proud of it but I know I should stop. Haha.

But you know what? This year I thought the site was gone. There was an error, and it seemed as if everything had been deleted. I had no proper backups to speak of at the time and I was shocked. At first I accepted it and thought it was alright since it wasn’t as if I updated on even a semi-regular basis and there would be nobody who would miss Loli Salad. But that wasn’t true. I would miss it. After it sunk in that something I had spent six years on was gone, I was incredibly saddened. Thinking I had truly lost something I worked hard to create, I think I probably even shed tears. Of course we’re here today so THANKFULLY things got fixed and I learned a very valuable lesson about backups. But I’m kind of happy I had an authentic “lose it to realize how much it means to you” experience that ended well.

I know I’ve probably said this before but having a place to talk about whatever I want is really nice. And even if I’m embarrassed by the past, I want to keep going. Even if it’s only a handful of posts a month. If they’re posts I’m proud of then that’s fine with me.

How deep does this corny, corny rabbit hole go? Much deeper. I also wanted to say that I myself have changed a lot since I first created this thing when I was, uh, fourteen. So yeah I guess obviously I’ve changed, haha. I mean when I created this aniblog… I didn’t actually watch… anime. I watched an episode here and there but I was young and had much better things to do. Well not really. I was just as much of as loser then as I am now. But I loved anime. I loved learning about it. I could tell you everything about a show but only ever watch one episode of it.

Eventually somewhere down the road things changed and I actually started watching it. Once I started watching series from the current season as they aired, I couldn’t stop. And I didn’t. A lot of things changed in life for me. People came and people left, I moved from place to place and graduated and started working and became an adult. Things didn’t and don’t stop changing. Just like anime, I guess. Which feels really dumb to say. But looking forward to each new season, lamenting shows past and being excited about those to come is a valuable way to pass time to me. Because of that I’ve met a lot of cool people and had a lot of neat experiences.

I can’t say that a day won’t come where I’ll finally grow out of this lifestyle and wonder why I spent so much time and money on something so frivolous. Sometimes, I think that now. I look around my disgusting room and think, “wow, this is gross”. But that doesn’t mean I want to tear everything off my walls and sell my figures. A gross person? That’s just who I am. A time when I’ll really want to change and when I grow out of the things I like? That time isn’t now. Because I know right now my life is full of uncertainties but I’m still certain this is what makes me happy. So here’s to another year, I guess!

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 3

I didn’t know what to expect from this show when I started watching and now we’re on episode three and I especially don’t know what to expect any more.

The revelation that he was actually her dad though seemed out of place, like it should have been later on in the series. I mean it’s clear now that it couldn’t be but at the time it seemed like such an important thing was being brought up too early.

So now that one of the characters I (and everybody?) assumed to be one of the mains is gone and Ai seems to be moving on to somewhere new. I had hoped there would be a timeskip and she’d be in school or something because of the OP but it looks like that isn’t the case. Of course, none of the girls could pass as an older Ai but he also was looking for Hana with black hair and hey, she didn’t soooo?? Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case anyways since characters from the OP appear in the preview but not along side loli Ai so hey who knows.

The ED song is fantastic and I love it. I really cannot get enough of it. So that wonderful song accompanied by Hampnie bonding with his daughter as they make their way back to the village seemed really sweet. On the other hand, it also made Ai burying her father and breaking down crying just as the chorus starts to be even sadder and even more powerful. If, for some reason, he actually came back later (as I heard people speculating he might) it would ruin such a great scene for me. Right now, it’s that scene being so good that’s keeping me holding on to this show.

Though I kind of like watching a show I know nothing about continue to surprise me and have me ask questions. I at least now understand what it means to be dead when for a while I was confused about what it mean to be alive. It wasn’t that clear until they explained it for the fifth time.

I am worried the new characters from here on out will be as dull as they look but hey Scar looked boring and she turned out to be a pretty cool guy.

Doki Doki Precure Mid Impressions

For all of it’s faults, I’ve really enjoyed Doki Doki Precure. So far, anyways. In recent weeks even I’ve had my faith shaken in it. But it’s the first Precure I’ve actually stuck with. I tried Fresh and Smile but Doki was the first one that kept me going for so long. I didn’t really have a chance to talk about it before though so now that the series has reached the middle(ish) mark, I figure I could stop to talk about the recent episodes.

Regina  not being Cure Ace is the dumbest thing and I will be mad about that forever. I will be on my death bed with my great grandchildren huddled around me and my final words will be “Regina wasn’t Cure Ace. How dumb was that?” and then expire.

It does make the Regina being part of the princess with Ai or Regina being their future child theory more possible but those are both still dumb possibilities and I really wish she would have become a Precure. Maybe she will in the future still? The first (?) Precure series with six? At the very least maybe she’ll get one at the very end or something.

It is tiring to see her going back and forth though. If she had become a Precure we could have just been done with it. No more of the girls yelling after her, no switching sides and then switching back when she remembers the power of friendship. None of that. Instead we get another episode where she learns to love and whoop, back to evil again.

It was so nice seeing Sword trust her too.

Though I do like Regina well enough when she isn’t having a moral conflict and angsting about it. It’s bad enough that the other girls (Rosetta especially) don’t get many episodes that focus on them but then we have so many that are only Regina and Heart focused for so long. If she had become a precure, we could have moved on. Regina doing human things happily would have even been a cute episode to see. Nope.

And introducing a new character after all that character building for Regina? Weak, man. Real weak. At least it wasn’t Marie Ange. I’m not sure how I feel about a new character especially one who seems so close to what Sword originally was. She does raise a lot of questions and it does seem like it’ll be interesting to find out who she is. Plus she seems cool and KugiRie actually sounds better than expected. As long as she isn’t secretly Marie Ange or something I guess I’m fine with her.

One valid complaint I see often is how Ai keeps saving the Precures butts and they haven’t worked as hard for anything. Since Ace seems to be close with Ai, I’m hoping she’ll stop her from assisting the Precures and her ‘training’ will result in the girls having to fight harder than usual and when they get their next big power up, it’ll be something they got with their own power and through a lot of hard work.

I still have hope for Doki and I really enjoy each week still. It may always have a special place in my heart for being the first Precure I actually watched for more than five episodes. I do hope that there will be less Regina drama in the second half and Rosetta, Diamond and Sword will get more individual focus though.

If not I’ll settle for more of Ace being a total bamf.

ManaRitsu 4eva

Summer 2013 First Impressions

I cannot overstate how excited I am for this season. So many adaptions I was looking forward to as well as some original stuff that I was pretty hyped about. I was disappointed I couldn’t watch some of this stuff immediately because now I’m quite behind but I was in LA for AX and that was definitely more fun than watching the first episodes of a couple of shows.

But hey now I can watch them and I’m still super excited about that!

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World End Econimica EP1 Impressions pt. 1

I first heard about World End Economica in January when I was looking into the details of  that Kishida Kyoudan album. I was immediately interested. A story about economy on the moon? By Isuna Hasekura? Sign me up! When I saw it was available in English I pounced right away.

While I’m not entirely disappointed with what I’ve read so far, I can’t say it left a pleasant taste in my mouth.

This is part one of a multi-post series about my impressions as I play, since I don’t intend to play this all in one sitting. I’ll make a separate post next time I plan on playing for an extended period of time. These are just my initial thoughts and  contains no spoilers for later content.

The game is available in English for $13 on DLSite.

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