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Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Impressions

And Differences Between the Movie and Anime

Hey bro. Today we’re going to talk about Attack on Titan. I’m not a particularly big fan even though I’m watching Junior High and kind of excited for Season Two now.

On the contrary. I think it’s dumb and only gets dumber and dumber with each twist it has. The finale of the movies, however, introduces a twist so grand and dumb that it loops around to being amazing and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Spoilers for both the anime and movie, duh.

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The Mystery of Oninagi (and Final Impressions?)

Oninagi Volume 4

I’m doing a post about Oninagi after all these years not because Oninagi is particularly good or anything. No, it’s painfully average despite it’s cool artstyle. No, it’s because Oninagi is a series that Yen Press had shrouded in mystery. It’s just that I thought that I would never own volume four and even when that finally happened, it wasn’t even normal.

It was a mystery that puzzled me for years. This was around the time of Del Ray going under so I have many unfinished series in my collection now but it was always this one that was most puzzling. Why did Yen Press suddenly stop publishing it? On the last volume, at that.

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Winter 2015 First Impression

(featuring: Kantai Collection, Kamisama Kiss S2, Sisterment, Boeibu, Saekano, Durarara!!x2, Rolling Girls)


A season with two good shoujo shows airing? A sequel to a show I loved for years ago? Milky Holmes is good again? Interesting original shows? 2015 is off to a really promising start.  DON’T BLOW IT.

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12 Days of Anime: #05 – Better Than KLK

I firmly believe that Kill la Kill, while interesting at times, is not feminist media and is just really nice fanservice. The OVA confirmed this for me. KLK is dumb.

Me!Me!Me! however is cool as hell. I get that people were turned off by the ero animation and porny nature of the video, it was a bit of a shock when I watched it at first too. And I guess I’m REALLY desensitized at this point. It’s constantly surprising how much that comes up. You could also argue that if it’s easily misconstrued as stupid fanservice (like KLK) that it’s just that and there’s no point calling this feminist media either. But I would argue that the message here is apparent and that it’s not pulling at straws like trying to justify Kill la Kill as empowering. Though calling the Me!Me!Me! music video feminist is a bit of a stretch, the message itself is one that I really, really dig.

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero First Impressions

Just looking at the Crunchyroll thumbnails for this show makes it look like the dullest show in the world. A cute girls doing cute school things with soft, soft humor and a slow paint-drying pace. So, uh, the kind of show I wouldn’t watch.

But that isn’t what this is. Not exactly, anyways. For a show that could mistakenly look like that, what does it offer that would have intrigued me into marathoning the first four episodes?

Potential. It may not be the next Madoka but it still has the potential to have that same shock and awe. At least I hope so.

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Psycho-Pass S2 OP Comparison and Thoughts

(comparison as of episode three)

So from the moment season two started, I was enthralled by the spoilerific opening and went over it and over it trying to piece together ideas and theories. I got over it and proceeded to enjoy the episodes which have been super good so far. Then episode three aired. I had been distracted as the opening came on but when I looked back, I thought something seemed off so I kept watching it more closely and sure enough it was very different.

Not different in a big “new animation” way but different enough for it to ignite that spark curiosity again. There was already a lot of colour in the opening originally but now it’s being used to muddle and distort the images that were originally very clear and easy to see. In fact there’s nearly a filter (either a line screen tone kind of effect or pure static) on everything. I had wondered if they were just not done the OP in time but there’s no way this blurry, static mess would be the final product.

The repeat of Akane shielding her eyes usually ends on just her smiling but ends with her being shot. In the original you can faintly see but it’s so faded that you can hardly see it happening. Here it’s very vivid. However, I don’t necessarily think this means she’s going to get shot in the head (because that would be incredibly blatant huh) because it wasn’t from a dominator and the object that goes through her head doesn’t look like a bullet. I mean, it could totally be something else entirely but I just kind of doubt she’s actually going to have that happen to her.

It might not be notable since the whole Akane in the water/print on window/Shimotsuki flower scene is pretty heavily distorted as well but the Togane/Kogami scene is practically impossible to see especially compared to the vivid colour they used originally.

(There’s a lot more little stuff that just comes down to “this was blurry it was not before” or “this was unclear before but now it is” of course)

You might asked, “yo why does this matter at all?” if you weren’t watching the show, that is. This drastic change lines up with the episode where Shimotsuki doubts Akane, where Akane doubts herself and wonders if she can be going insane without her hue changing colour. Can you lose your mind when it broadcasts to the world just how healthy your mind is? Where her mental state is called into question, the OP goes full crazy. It’s a pretty interesting thing for them to have done and I appreciate it.

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